Samsung Electronics has introduced the industry’s first quad-core CPU-powered A3 multifunction printer which is optimized for heavy-duty environments with its capability of printing up to 30,000 pages a month.

Samsung said the MX7 only takes 18 seconds to boot up, and 12 seconds to wake up from sleep mode. The company also says the new quad-core CPU boosts its image quality to 1,200 dpi print resolution even while it runs at full speed. Its First Page Out Time (FPOT) is 3 seconds for black-and-white pages, and 4.5 seconds for color pages, the company added.

The MX7 also boasts scan speed of up to 120 single-sided images per minute, and up to 240 double-sided images. Samsung’s new A3 MFP also supports faster in-office connections with an 802.11ac-capable network chip.

Furthermore, the MX7 features a 10.1-inch Android-powered display with the Samsung Smart UX 2.0. It supports mobile printing, cloud printing, and NFC and comes with Tray Locking Kit, the industry’s first digital security feature for printed paperwork.